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Wardship is the name given to Court proceedings by which a child is made a ward of Court. In effect, the Court becomes the legal guardian of such a child. This means that the High Court has grave concerns about a child particularly if it considers that a child has been or is at risk of abduction. The child will remain in the parents' care but the Court will make the decisions in relation to the child.


An emergency application can be made to the High Court if the child has been removed from the jurisdiction without your knowledge or consent. The Court has the powers to use its inherent jurisdiction which means that it takes over the decision making for the child which may include the child's immediate return to England.

Wardship is often used for the following:
To restrain publicity;
To prevent an undesirable association;
For emergency medical treatment;
To protect a child from forced marriage;
To protect abducted children, or children where the case has another substantial foreign element.

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